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Kumpulan 50+ Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris (PG) Kelas XII Revisi Terbaru

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Bacaan untuk soal no 1 sampai dengan 5
The living and nonliving things in any area form a community are called ecosystem. They act on one another in many ways. Two of the most important ways are through food chains and chemical cycles.

Life could not exist without energy from the sun. The sun's energy travels to earth as light. It affects plants and animals through chemical processes. All plants and animals are linked together in these processes. The sun's energy flows through all of them in a continuing path called a food chain.

Plants-eating animals, or herbivores, consume (eat) the plants. In their own bodies, these animals reorganize the chemical in the plants and use them as nourishment. The same thing happens when a planteating animal, such as rabbit, is eaten by a meat-eating animal, or carnivore, such as a fox. (animals that eat both plants and meat are called omnivore).

A certain process takes place when living things die. Bacteria" and fungi break the chemical compounds down into simple nutrients. This process is called decomposition. The nutrients from decaying animals enter the soil, where they are used again by plants.

Thousand of years ago, the human population was much smaller than it is today and people did not greatly affect the balance of nature. Several hundred people who lived as community of hunters did not kill enough animals to disturb the balance of their ecosystem. A few thousand people who lived by a river, and discarded waste did not pollute the water enough to change the ecosystem.

Today the human population is enormous; And people have created many ecological crises, especially in areas where the population has grown quickly. Their demand for space, their production of waste, and their need for quantities of food, water, and energy all have had an important effect on natural system. Very often, the activities of people have upset the natural balance. 

1. Why are ecological issues more concern today rather than, in the past? Because ....
A. the food chains has changes
B. there is less energy from the sun
C. there are more people on the planet
D. there are not many animals and pets
E. the growth of people affects the balance of nature 

2. Each form of life can survive only when ....
A. there are other living things
B. it is in its own environment
C. the ecosystem is not balance
D. the area is densely populated
E. there are plants and animals 

3. According to the text, which statement is NOT TRUE ....
A. The natural balance in the environment has been disrupted by the human beings.
B. Ecosystem is a community of the living and non living things in one area
C. Herbivores are chemical which process plants and use them as nourishment
D. Foxes can be considered as carnivore
E. Bacteria and fungi are useful to the environment 

4. The main idea of paragraph ... is "energy is essential for life"
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
E. five 

5. Today the human population is enormous' (paragraph 6) The underlined word means ...
A. enough
B. wide
C. huge
D. ample
E. powerful 

Bacaan untuk nomor 6 sampai dengan 10
A magazine is a periodical containing a variety of articles and general illustration of an entertaining or an instructive nature. Magazines are designed to be of interest either to the general public or groups of people with specialized subject matters. The essential difference between the magazine and the newspaper is a physical one: the magazine is smaller in size and often bound in pamphlet form.
Magazine production involves teamwork. This means that many people have to work together to produce the magazine you have in your hand. But one key person is the magazine editor. If some one has a manuscript he wants to publish, he will send or submit it to the editor of the magazine he likes. The magazine editor, usually the editor-in-chief, will read it and make recommendation so that the manuscript can be published.

Another task of a magazine editor is to consider whether the article will be part of series. Will it have photographs or illustration? will it be in full color, two or three colors, or black and white? Once the decision is made, the work of an illustrator or photographer begins. Preparing manuscripts for the magazine is hard work to do. After everything is all right, they are sent to the typesetters. When the galleys (or typeset text) come back, they must be carefully read. This is the job of a proofreader to find out whether or not there are mistakes in typesetting. Corrections are made if there are mistakes. 

6. What is a proofreader's Job ....
A. to check the returned galleys
B. to accept or refuse a manuscript
C. to send a manuscript to the typesetter
D. to assign illustrators and photographers
E. to decide whether an article belongs to a series 

7. The first paragraph describes the following, EXCEPT ....
A. what a magazine is
B. whom the magazine is for
C. how the magazine is published
D. what the content of a magazine consists of
E. what the difference between a magazine and an newspaper is 

8. The function of 'so that ' in the second paragraph is to show ....
A. purpose
B. contrast
C. addition
D. sequence
E. condition 

9. Which of the following statement is TRUE about the magazine ....
A. Magazines are only meant for entertainment
B. Recommendation on the manuscript is made by the proofreader
C. The editor is the most important person in publishing magazines
D. There is no difference in size between magazines and newspaper
E. Illustrator can start working before their work is agreed by the editor 

10. Who decides that a manuscript is accepted ....
A. A team
B. The editor
C. The illustrators
D. The writer
E. The proofreader
Bacaan untuk soul nomor 11 sampai dengan 15.
By experimenting with combinations of chemical, manufactures have produced a wide variety of affective dusts and sprays to control plant pets. Some, such as those containing pyrethrum, work well and do not harm the people, pets, and birds. There are others that contain stronger chemical, such as DDT, melathion, diazinon, and chlorine. These can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly used. 

The first thing to do in dealing with plant pets is to seek the proper advice. Trained salesman at garden stores can supply valuable information on the correct product to use. If the problem is a complicated or stubborn one, additional advice should be obtained from government agricultural department office. 

11. How can manufactures get various affective pesticides ....
A. By controlling plants pets
B. By spraying stronger chemical
C. C By producing various chemical
D. By combining different chemical
E. By experimenting with combination of chemical 

12. What's the main idea of the second paragraph ....
A. Farmers should have good knowledge to fight plant pests
B. Additional advice is needed when the problem is complicated
C. Valuable information to control plant pest is needed by farmers
D. Proper advice to control plant pets is provided by trained salesman
E. Pesticides can be obtained freely in government agricultural department offices 

13. What do farmers need to know before using pesticides ....
A. Combination of chemicals
B. Various stronger of chemical
C. Various effective dusts and sprays
D. Information about harmful pesticides
E. Information on using different sorts of pesticides 

14. '... to seek the proper advice ' (paragraph 2) The opposite of the word "proper" is ....
A. useful
B. wrong
C. correct
D. suitable
E. ineffective 

15. Which statement is TRUE according to the text ....
A. Farmers have produced various effective pesticides
B. The pesticides given by the agricultural department offices are harmful
C. Farmers had experimented with combination of chemical before
D. Fanners should use strong and harmful pesticides though they are difficult to get
E. Pesticides which are harmful to living things contain more powerful chemical. 

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 16 sampai dengan 20.
The sun pour plenty of energy down on the Earth, and many homes now use this energy to heat their water. It is difficult and expensive to trap solar energy on a large scale but in some sunny part of the world scientists use mirrors to reflect sunlight into a boiler on top of a tower.

This heats up water in the boiler into steam, which can then be used to turn electric generators.
Many countries now have nuclear power stations. These use a rare metal called uranium as a kind of fuel. Under certain conditions, the nucleus (center) of uranium atoms can be made of split. This is called fission. When this happen fantastic amount of energy is given out. The heat produced in a nuclear reactor is taken away by cooling liquid or gas. It goes to a boiler where it boils water to produce steam. The hot steam powers electric generators to make electricity.

One of the main drawbacks with a nuclear power station is that it produces dangerous waste. It is dangerous because it gives out radiation (rays) that can harm most living things. Nuclear engineers have to make very sure that none of the radiation escapes either from the reactor (where fission takes place) or from the waste. 

16. Solar energy has not been popular yet because ....
A. it requires high cost
B. the energy produced is weak
C. it cannot be trapped on a large scale
D. it can be used only for heating water
E. the scientists do not use it for commercial targets 

17. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text ....
A. Using energy has advantages and disadvantages
B. Electric generators are needed to heat up water into steam
C. The splitting of the nucleus of uranium atoms is called fission
D. Radiation may be emitted from reactor or from the waste produced
E. Uranium is a kind of metal that makes nuclear power station produce fuel 

18. In the 'top of a tower' ... turns the water in the boiler into steam.
A. the electric generator
B. a large scale of energy
C. the energy from the earth
D. a boiler on top of the tower
E. the heat from reflected sunlight 

19. In what condition does the radiation of a nuclear power station become dangerous ....
A. When it cannot be released
B. When it reaches the reactor
C. When there is a leak in the container
D. When the container is-closed firmly
E. When none of it escapes from the reactor 

20. Under certain conditions, the nucleus of uranium atoms can be made split. 'split' means ....
A. jump to the air
B. explode loudly
C. break into parts
D. release suddenly
E. launch into the air 

21. Susan : I went to your house at 7 p.m. last night. but you weren't home. Where were you?
Rufy : Oh. I ... for a new dictionary at the bookstore then.
A. look
B. looked
C. will look
D. was looking
E. have looked 

22. Manager : Tom, ... take this note to the accounting department?
Tom : Yes, certainly.
A. is it possible for you
B. could you please
C. may! tell you
D. should 1 ask you
E. can I tell you to 

23. Policeman : Your truck causes too 'much pollution.
Driver : Oh. ... Officer.
Policeman : Please consult a mechanic about it.
Driver : Yes, I will.
A. Why not
B. I'm sorry
C. How come
D. Congratulations
E. Don't mention it 

24. Ria : It's break time ... a cup of tea?
Yudi : That would be very nice of you.
A. Shall have
B. May you get me
C. May I offer help to get
D. Could you help me to get
E. Would you like me to get you 

25. Tari : Why do you admire Mother Theresa so much?
Susi : Don't you know that she was the woman
A. that she didn't recognize me
B. who dedicated her life to the poor
C. whom the governor met at the party
D. of which house was very expensive
E. whose farmland is owned by her father 

26. Ali : I'm afraid my parents’ rice fields were Mr. Harun damaged by the flood. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. The underlined words express ...
A. regret
B. refusal
C. complaint
D. sympathy
E. condolence 

27. Ridwan : When are the children going to see the ricefield?
Willy : In June, after the harvest time.
Ridwan : Are they? So by the time they get there, the farmers ... all the crops.
A. will have harvested
B. had harvested
C. has harvested
D. harvested
E. harvest 

28. Kepala Desa : Pak Lurah, the village will hold a meeting on Monday, ...?
Pak Lurah : Thank you.
A. If possible, you may come
B. It will be fine for you to come
C. It you don't mind we can come
D. You should be pleased if you could come
E. We would be delighted if you could come 

29. Rito : Excuse me! ... to help you turn the radio off?
Mr. Hasnil : Yes, please. Thank you very much indeed.
A. Is it possible for me
B. Would you like me
C. Can you order me
D. Is it okay for me
E. Can you ask me 

30. Student : 'Is man able to find an efficient way to convert the heat of the sun into energy?
Student : ... because a lot of experiments have been done, and the result is quite-positive.
A. It's quite improbable
B. B. It's out of the question
C. 1 don't think it is possible
D. There is always a chance
E. There's no certainty of it 

31. X : What do you think of the government liquidating several banks recently?
Y : I'm not a customer of the liquidated banks, so ....
A. I'm keen on it
B. I'm aware of it
C. I'm sure about it
D. I'm interested in it
E. I'm unhappy about it 

32. Pak Hadr : The Usman family is poor.
Pak Kasim : We all know it. ... they can send their children to universities.
A. Despite the fact that they are poor
B. They are poor despite the fact
C. However they are poor
D. They are poor although
E. Because they are poor 

33. Toto : Science and technology has developed very fast. Do you think we are ready for that?
Tati : ....
A. Good it is interesting
B. Why not, Just behave yourself
C. Oh. marvelous. It great for you
D. Frankly speaking, I disagree with you
E. I'm not certain. The quality of our education is still low 

34. Husband : Our car always troubles me.
Wife : Why don't you sell it and buy a new one?
Husband : Well. I don't have any objection to your idea as long as we can afford it. In the dialogue the husband expresses ...
A. sympathy
B. capability
C. agreement
D. intolerance
E. E pleasure 

35. Derry : Why do you always run around this stadium five times a day?
Soni : I do it ... Which of the following is not suitable to complete the dialogue ....
A. however very tired I am
B. so that I had a healthy heart
C. so that 1 can reduce my weight
D. in order that my body gets stronger
E. because I didn't want to be overweight 

36. A : This is a very old building.
B : I wasn't even born yet when it ...
A. is built
B. is being built
C. was built
D. has been built
E. had built 

37. Dodi : Did many people migrate to Kalimantan themselves?
Rina : No, the government had them migrate. The underlined sentence means ....
A. the government migrated there for them
B. the government told them not to migrate
C. the government migrated to Kalimantan
D. the government didn't ask them to migrate
E. the government asked them to migrate there 

38. Doni : I wish I had invested my money instead of spending it on a new car. The underlined part of the sentence means ....
A. Doni had invested his money
B. Doni did not invest his money
C. Doni did not invest my money
D. Doni does not invest his money
E. Doni wanted to invest his money 

39. A : Sorry, you are too late. The bank is already closed.
B : Well, I ... earlier.
A. should have come
B. might have come
C. would have come
D. will have come
E. may have come 

40. If women in the late 1960's had been given equal rights as men, there would not have been women's liberation' movement. The sentence means that ... at that time.
A. women would not have equal right as men
B. women will not have equal rights as men
C. women have not had equal right as men
D. women didn't have equal rights as men
E. women do not have equal rights as men 

41. Re-arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!
1. First we prepared the food.
2. While we were preparing the food, father was checking the car
3. We went on a picnic on the beach last Saturday
4. We had to take food and drink 5. Next came the drink
6. We started the trip when we had put everything in the car
A. 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 6
B. 1 – 5 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6
C. 6 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 2
D. 3 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 2
E. 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 2 

42. From 1967 onward, cinemas began to lose their ....
They prefer watching TV programs at homes.
A. sponsors
B. audiences
C. producers
D. companies
E. cameramen 

43. Sony : What do astronomers use to see the stars?
Father : They use ... which makes far away things look larger and clearer.
A. binoculars
B. a telescope
C. a periscope
D. a stethoscope
E. a microscope 

44. Ria : What do you know about the compul sorry ...?
Tati : I think it has been extended from six to nine years.
A. study
B. school
C. student
D. education
E. examination 

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 45 sampai dengan 47.
In 1949 Clarence Birdseye found a better way to breeze food quickly. It was a technology helping people to live and live better. Soon frozen food of all kinds began to (45) ... in grocery stores. Meat, vegetables, and fruits were quick-frozen. Frozen food and vegetables tasted very fresh and natural. It was (46) ... to have fresh fruits and vegetable in any (47) ... of the year. Many people prefer natural food to food in cans. Natural food has more natural value. That's why frozen foods became so popular now. 

45. A. find
B. prepare
C. buy
D. appear
E. discover 

46. A. interesting
B. possible
C. extensive
D. clear
E. doubtful 

47. A. season
B. century
C. decade
D. quarter
E. age 

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 48 sampai dengan 50.
Most of the people working in the banks are either bank officers or clerical workers. Bank officers, depending on their (48) ..., usually have some authority to make business (49) ... related to the bank. Bank officers might (50) ... positions such as president, vice president, and treasurer. Some, such as loan and trust officers, have specific department. 

48. A. rate
B. rank
C. order
D. degree
E. position 

49. A. decisions
B. regulations
C. circulations
D. formulations
E. compositions 

50. A. form
B. cover
C. contain
D. include
E. comprise